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micro compact home 016 brissago, lake maggiore, switzerland

The most recent micro compact home, m-ch 016, is now installed at a spectacular site at Brissago overlooking Lake Maggiore in Switzerland. It was placed in position using a large helicopter on Wednesday the 30th May.
The new owners Dr. Bettina von Schacky and her consultant surgeon husband Dr. Wolf A. Sintenis both specialists in gynaecology from Munich, own a small one bedroom farmhouse on the land at Via Piazza in Brissago and urgently needed a small guest house for visiting family and friends. They made a request to enlarge the standard micro home, a 2.6m cube, by one meter in the south direction to create a full size 1.8m square double bed and space for dining table to seat up to eight people.

The modified champagne coloured micro home, is constructed using a light aluminium frame, total weight 1.8 tons.
It was installed in just 4min 09secs using a helicopter from Heli Swiss, Eleticno based near Locarno on the 30th May 2012. A ground crew of three engineers each in radio contact with the pilot positioned the micro home into three 35mm diameter locating holes in the aluminium subframe.
In addition to double bed, which lifts and lowers, the guest bed and dining and working space, the micro home has toilet shower and kitchen fitted with microwave, fridge and freezer etc. The little house also has air conditioning and low energy LED lighting and beige leather surfaces with custom designed space for Geneva sound system and Nespresso coffee machine.
Energy use is predicted to be between 4-5 kWh per day averaged over the year.

The land and terraces have been prepared with four small foundation pads, with water, waste, electricity and internet ready for immediate connection after the aerial installation.
Landscaping and natural dry stone walls have been laid by Brissago craftsman Fabio Leone to enable the micro home to fit neatly and sympathetically into this beautiful Ticino garden.
Very grateful thanks to Ulrike Fuchs Architect based in Munich and working for micro compact home ltd., who has made the planning applications to the local Gemeinde in Brissago, supervised the site works, services and coordination of factory production and installation including helicopter delivery arrangements. The two-tone exterior colours reflect the 1m extension to the original cube form of the micro compact home.
The beige and white leather interior and exterior Alucobond colours have been selected for Dr. von Schacky and Dr Sintenis. Their request for a raising and lowering bed design has been developed at the factory by micro compact home Gmbh.

You can see the video of the micro compact home 016 installation on Dezeen: m-ch 016 at dezeen


Owner: Dr. Bettina von Schaky and Dr. Wolf A Sintenis
Architecture and Interior design: Prof. Richard Horden and Frau
Ulrike Fuchs from Horden Cherry Lee Architects and micro
compact home ltd. London
tel 00 44 [0]20 7495 4119
micro compact home construction and installation: Rupert and Nicole Gatterbauer,
micro compact home production Gmbh,
Uttendorf Austria
tel 00 43 [0]77 24 61 9720
Foundations and ground work: Pagani Gmbh Brissago
Permissions: Gemeinde Brissago and Herr Barrosso.
Copyright and patents: micro compact home ltd.